WMMB Regional Marketing Managers


West Region Midwest Region Central Region Southwest Region Southeast Region Atlantic Region Northeast Region Local Markets


Rich Marston
Northeast Region

Office: 608-203-7203
Cell Phone: 608-444-2876
Fax: 608-203-7303
E-mail: rmarston@wmmb.org
Region: CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, Eastern PA, RI, VT


Bob Dilcher
Atlantic Region

Office: 608-203-7201
Cell Phone: 608-444-9709
Fax: 608-203-7301
E-mail: rdilcher@wmmb.org
Region: DE, MD, MI (lower), New York City, NJ, OH, Western PA, VA, WV, Washington DC


Timothy Bowe
Central Region

Office: 608-203-7207
Cell Phone: 608-444-1964
Fax: 608-203-7307
E-mail: tbowe@wmmb.org
Region: AR, CO, IL, IN, KS, KY, MO, TN


Paul Cornille
Southeast Region

Office: 608-203-7258
Cell Phone: 608-444-8432
Fax: 608-203-7358
E-mail: pcornille@wmmb.org
Region: AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC


Greg Long
Local Markets

Office: 608-203-7233
Cell Phone: 608-444-7573
Fax: 608-203-7333
E-mail: glong@wmmb.org
Region: WI


Holly Schmitz
Midwest Region

Office: 608-203-7215
Cell Phone: 608-219-3807
Fax: 608-203-7315
E-mail: hschmitz@wmmb.org
Region: IA, IL (Chicago only), MI (Upper Peninsula), MN, MT, ND, NE, SD, WI


Linda Avila
Southwest Region

Office: 608-203-7209
Cell Phone: 608-444-8158
Fax: 608-203-7309
E-mail: lavila@wmmb.org
Region: LA, NM, OK, TX


Shelley McDaniel
West Region

Office: 608-203-7251
Cell Phone: 608-444-8838
Fax: 608-203-7351
E-mail: smcdaniel@wmmb.org
Region: AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA


Pete Leuer
Manager, National Foodservice Programs

Office: 608-203-7236
Cell Phone: 608-577-6848
Fax: 608-203-7336
E-mail: pleuer@wmmb.org
Region: National Foodservice Programs


Kirk Scott
Director, Retail Programs

Office: 608-203-7229
Cell Phone: 608-575-9601
Fax: 608-203-7329
E-mail: kscott@wmmb.org
Region: National Retail Programs


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