The Wisconsin Difference


We like being different here in Wisconsin. Because different means best to us, all starting with our outstanding milk, thanks to ideal climatic influences. What else sets us apart? Our heritage and knowledge of cheesemaking, rigid state cheese standards and our leadership in award-winning. What's more, our quality is consistent and our supply dependable. Wisconsin is the only place outside of Europe to offer a rigorous Master Cheesemaker Program.


Why Source your Cheese from Wisconsin?

It's the Milk:
Wisconsin's climate is ideally suited for cheesemaking. The seasonal temperature, limestone based soil, and geographic latitude is the same as premier cheesemaking regions in Europe.

Wisconsin's dairy farms produce the highest quality milk with a composition uniquely suited for cheesemaking.

It's the Heritage:
Wisconsin is a true melting pot; representing German, Swiss, Italian, Dutch, and Hispanic immigrants who brought their cheesemaking traditions and craftsmanship with them when they settled in Wisconsin as far back as the 1800's. These traditions are alive and well and can be sampled today in products such as Gruyere, Emmentaler, Grana Parmesan, and Cotija.

Wisconsin's cheesemaking craftsmanship and expertise has resulted in the state producing over 600 varieties, types, and styles of cheese–more than any other state.
It's the Standards:
Wisconsin is the only state to require licensed cheesemakers at every cheese plant–in fact, most cheese factories have several licensed cheesemakers on hand to oversee every vat produced.

Wisconsin is the only state with certified Master Cheesemakers who have undertaken a rigorous three-year educational training and apprenticeship. The Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker® program is the only one of its kind in the U.S. and is modeled after European advanced training programs.

Wisconsin is on the forefront with its comprehensive product safety and quality programs that are reflected in every piece of Wisconsin cheese.
It's the Awards:
Wisconsin cheesemakers reflect their pride and passion for their craft by consistently winning more awards than any other state or country in international competitions. In the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest, Wisconsin won 105 of the 273 awards (38%), including 38 best-in-class awards.

In addition, Wisconsin artisan cheesemakers consistently win top honors in the annual American Cheese Society competition, where they are judged against artisan cheeses from across the U.S.
It's the Support:
Consumers know that Wisconsin is America's Dairyland. Advertising and promotional programs remind consumers of the down-to-earth pride and heritage of Wisconsin cheese and encourage them to purchase them with confidence.