Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers


Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program

Why choose a cheese made by a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker? Because behind the distinctive blue Master's Mark® on the label is an assurance of quality that you just can't get anywhere else. That mark, which can only be used by the 52 Wisconsin cheesemakers who've earned it, tells quite a story.

It tells you that experience, technical expertise and artistry went into making that cheese. And, it means that you can be confident that you've chosen the best cheese from the only place in America where cheesemakers can become true Masters of their craft-Wisconsin.

Those who do so are a breed apart. Already highly skilled veterans before they begin the certification process, Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers are driven by a desire to continue learning and perfecting their skills. Most will tell you that becoming a Master is the hardest thing they've ever done, and most will tell you they'd do it all over again. Many have done just that, completing the program multiple times to be certified as Masters in additional cheese varieties.

This directory introduces you to these cheesemakers, the cheeses they carefully craft and their stories. Download the full directory or use the directory drop-down search below to find out more about our Masters and the cheeses they produce.


Master CheeseMaker Directory